Spongebob 2015 Happy Meal Toys – Sponge Out of Water Straw Toppers


The new Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Happy Meal Toys are available in your McDonalds Happy Meal now.  There are six fun straw topper toys to choose from in all.

Sponge Out of Water Happy Meal Toys Complete Set

#1 – Invincibubble Sound Straw Topper – This Spongebob Straw Topper says “Prepare to be Teamworked”.

#2 – Plank-Ton Smashing Straw Topper – This toy is Plankton’s hero form with huge smashing arms.

#3 – Mr. Superawesomeness Straw Topper – This one is Patrick’s super awesomeness power of attracting ice cream and he says “Justice is best soft served”.

#4 – Sir Pinch-a-Lot Claw Pinching Straw Topper – This figure is Mr. Krabs with pinching claws to pinch pennies.

#5 – Sour Note Sound Straw Topper – Squidward’s clarinet blowing hero has him groaning.


#6 – Spinning Eyes Invincibubble Topper – You can spin Spongebob Invincibubble’s eyes in this bubble blowing toy.

You can scan each toy to play a different online game.

Invincibubble Memory Game
Plank-Ton’s Number Popper
Mr. Superawesomeness Bubble Bumper
Sir Pinch-a-Lot’s Alpha Bubble
Sour Note’s String of Sounds
Invincibubble’s Capture the Cannonballs

For even more fun you can download these fun Nickelodeon Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Coloring and Activity Pages.


Sponge Bob Movie – Sponge Out of Water Activity and Coloring Pages

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