Flutterbye Happy Meal Toys


The new Flutterbye McDonalds Happy Meal Toys are available now. There are six toys to choose from.

Flutterbye Push-Along Happy Meal Toy – Just roll along a table and she turns in circles as she goes.
Flutterbye Snowflake Spinner – Place the Flutterbye on the disk and squeeze to launch and she’ll spin around.
Flutterbye Balancer – Place her in the balancer and put it on the snowflake stand, then tap to twirl her around.
Flutterbye Wand – Spin your Flutterbye round and round the wand.
Flutterbye with Floating Wings – Put on your Flutterbye’s wings and place in base then press to spin.
Flutterbye Twirler – Place her in ring and press the button to twirl.
Scan your Happy Meal Toy code for more online fun.

You can also download some fun Flutterbye Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages


Flutterbye Activity And Coloring Set


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