Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit with Minecraft


Looking for a great toy that encourages your child to get more involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)?  Well the Piper Computer Kit with Minecraft is just the thing.  I got this gift for my elementary school aged kids and they are loving it.

Piper Computer Kit | Educational Computer that Teaches STEM and Coding through Minecraft

The computer kit is relatively easy to put together.  There is no complicated instruction manual, just a fun blueprint format with clear diagrams on what goes where.  If your kids can put together a simple Lego set, this is even easier.  It comes with everything you need including a small screwdriver.

There are several coding games your child can play in addition to the Minecraft based adventure.  There is Scratch, a visual coding program and Sonic Pi, a sound synthesizer program if you have a musician in the family.  It is also a real computer that you access the internet with a built in browser and lots of other great features.

I have to say that this “toy” is one of the best investments I have made in my children’s education.  It will give them the knowledge and skills for the future in a fun and engaging way and they don’t even realize it’s educational.  They have really taken to it and I am so glad they are learning while playing.

Check out how you can get one for your family.

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