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Welcome to the Favorite Toys Blog.  This is a review blog about all the toys that my kids love and that I think are well made, educational, fun and reasonably priced.  These are the toys that get played with on a consistent basis and don’t settle to the bottom of the toy box.

Most of these toys are not only fun but teach something useful to children as well.  Of course all toys are to be played with and enjoyed and you want to get the most from them.

If you are looking for some great age-appropriate toys for that special child in your life, toys that they will love and play with for more than five minutes, then check out the toy suggestions here on the blog.

Feel free to add your questions or comments on any of the toys listed here or any others that you have purchased.


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Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit with Minecraft


Looking for a great toy that encourages your child to get more involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)?  Well the Piper Computer Kit with Minecraft is just the thing.  I got this gift for my elementary school aged kids and they are loving it.

Piper Computer Kit | Educational Computer that Teaches STEM and Coding through Minecraft

The computer kit is relatively easy to put together.  There is no complicated instruction manual, just a fun blueprint format with clear diagrams on what goes where.  If your kids can put together a simple Lego set, this is even easier.  It comes with everything you need including a small screwdriver.

There are several coding games your child can play in addition to the Minecraft based adventure.  There is Scratch, a visual coding program and Sonic Pi, a sound synthesizer program if you have a musician in the family.  It is also a real computer that you access the internet with a built in browser and lots of other great features.

I have to say that this “toy” is one of the best investments I have made in my children’s education.  It will give them the knowledge and skills for the future in a fun and engaging way and they don’t even realize it’s educational.  They have really taken to it and I am so glad they are learning while playing.

Check out how you can get one for your family.

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Littlest Pet Shop Lots Of Pets

Littlest Pet Shop Random Pets

Littlest Pet Shop 10 PCS Lot


This 10 PCS littlest pet shop lot has new and old styles of the cutest dogs, cats, fish, and more animals. Every lot you buy has 10 littlest pet shop figures of all kinds and colors!

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Spongebob 2015 Happy Meal Toys – Sponge Out of Water Straw Toppers


The new Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Happy Meal Toys are available in your McDonalds Happy Meal now.  There are six fun straw topper toys to choose from in all.

Sponge Out of Water Happy Meal Toys Complete Set

#1 – Invincibubble Sound Straw Topper – This Spongebob Straw Topper says “Prepare to be Teamworked”.

#2 – Plank-Ton Smashing Straw Topper – This toy is Plankton’s hero form with huge smashing arms.

#3 – Mr. Superawesomeness Straw Topper – This one is Patrick’s super awesomeness power of attracting ice cream and he says “Justice is best soft served”.

#4 – Sir Pinch-a-Lot Claw Pinching Straw Topper – This figure is Mr. Krabs with pinching claws to pinch pennies.

#5 – Sour Note Sound Straw Topper – Squidward’s clarinet blowing hero has him groaning.


#6 – Spinning Eyes Invincibubble Topper – You can spin Spongebob Invincibubble’s eyes in this bubble blowing toy.

You can scan each toy to play a different online game.

Invincibubble Memory Game
Plank-Ton’s Number Popper
Mr. Superawesomeness Bubble Bumper
Sir Pinch-a-Lot’s Alpha Bubble
Sour Note’s String of Sounds
Invincibubble’s Capture the Cannonballs

For even more fun you can download these fun Nickelodeon Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Coloring and Activity Pages.


Sponge Bob Movie – Sponge Out of Water Activity and Coloring Pages

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Read Across America – Dr. Seuss Day

Read Across America 2015


Dr. Seuss Day Fun

Read Across America Day is March 2, 2015 this coming year. Read Across America is a nation-wide week long event that with many activities planned that promote early literacy and reading in children. It also celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday, which is March 2nd. Many of the books from this well-known children’s book author, will be featured at events in schools and libraries across the nation.

Dr. Seuss’ beloved Cat in the Hat is the mascot for the event and will be traveling across the country with appearances in many cities to encourage reading. Find out more about ways to celebrate and participate in an event near you and share the joy of reading with children.

Photo Credit NEA Read Across America

The Cat in the Hat


The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is a classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss about a brother and sister who are stuck inside on a rainy day when the Cat in the Hat comes to play. This is a wonderful beginner’s book for children learning to read.


Dr. Seuss Hat


Dr. Seuss Hat

A Dr. Seuss Hat is a fun dress up idea for Dr. Seuss’ birthday or a Read Across America event. This silly red and white striped hat like the one the Cat in the Hat wears is just the thing to have for reading Dr. Seuss books to kids.

Dr. Seuss Toy


Dr. Seuss One Fish Stacking Blocks

Introduce even the youngest of children to the Dr. Seuss books with toys and games that feature the characters from the stories. Read to them every day and they can play with Dr. Seuss toys too.


Dr. Seuss Rewards



Geddes Dr. Seuss(TM), Oh the Places You’ll Go! Pencil Assortment – Set of 72

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Spongebob Movie – Sponge Out of Water – Spongebob Hero Pants Game for XBOX


Took the kids to see the new Spongebob Movie – Sponge Out of Water last night.  They had a great time and enjoyed Spongebob and all his friends in their silly antics.

Antonio Banderas is great as the bearded pirate Burger Beard and the live action combined with animation worked well.

The movie is a hodge podge of other movie ideas mixed with a Bikini Bottom theme.  The opening was reminiscent of Indiana Jones and throughout there were themes from Mad Max, Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future all rolled into one.

The kids especially enjoyed when Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy and Plankton are magically turned into superheros.  Each character has a unique super power that helps them save the Krabby Patty secret formula and restore order to the lives of the fish folk who inhabit Bikini Bottom.

A new XBOX 360 game Spongebob Hero Pants features the characters and story lines from the Sponge Out of Water movie.

Spongebob Hero Pants The Game 2015 – Xbox 360

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Disney Princess Lego Frozen Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle


The new 2015 January release Disney Princess Lego Set 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is available now.  This lego set has Elsa’s Ice Castle and Anna’s Sled.  Olaf is having a picnic too.

This Disney Princess Lego Set Number 41062 comes with three Frozen mini-figures.




This awesome Frozen Lego set is great for any Frozen fan ages 6-12 and up.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castlelego-41062-disney-princess-lego-frozen-elsa-s-sparkling-ice-castle

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McDonalds 2015 Sweethearts Plush Hearts Happy Meal Toys

Get Yours Here

McDonalds has a bunch of new Sweethearts plush toys available in your happy meal just in time for Valentine’s Day.  There are 12 different ones to choose from with different sayings like #Love, XOXO, Hug Me, Be Mine and more.  Each comes in three different color choices and you can play a fun online game when you scan your happy meal toy code.

McDonalds Sweethearts Plush Happy Meal Toys

There are some fun Sweethearts Plush Activities and Coloring Pages you can download too.



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McDonalds 2015 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Happy Meal Toys Battle Tops

TMNT Happy Meal Toy Tops

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2015 Happy Meal Toys Complete Set


The 2015 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Happy Meal Toys are available now.  You can get one of six different battle tops in your McDonalds Happy Meal.







Foot Solider

Spin you top or battle more than one and see if your Turtles can defeat the evil ones.

Scan your toy code and you can play an online game for each different toy.

Mikey’s Rad Race

Donnie’s Dojo

Raphael’s Top Ninja

Leo’s Spin Out

Shredder’s Spin Maze

Foot Solider Trap

You can also get some fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Happy Meal Activity and Color Page downloads for even more fun.






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Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty Rainbow Plush Beanie Ballz

Ty Beanie Ballz Hello Kitty Rainbow Plush

Ty Beanie Babies are fun collectibles.  This fun Rainbow Hello Kitty Ty Beanie Ballz is so cute.  It is that loveable Hello Kitty in a soft round plush with a rainbow bow and outfit.  Catch this playful toy and a variety of other popular characters in plush form like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Ty Teenage Mutant Turtles Beanie Ballz Plush Toy Set of 4

There are lots of cuddly animals and creatures to love.

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2015 McDonalds Happy Meal Books


McDonalds has teamed up with Reading if Fundamental and Harper Collins Publishers to provide books to children and encourage reading.

In January 2015 your McDonalds Happy Meal will have a choice of one of four books for kids.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Flat Stanley Goes Camping

Big Nate In A Class By Himself

Pete The Cat And His Magic Sunglasses

You can also download some fun activity and coloring pages.


Happy Meal RIF Books Activities And Coloring


Check out all the free kids ebooks you can download at happymeal.com

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2014 Spy Gear Happy Meal Toys


The 2014 SpyGear Happy Meal Toys are available now.

There are six toys in all. Here is a demo of each toy.

Spy Walkie Talkie will let you listen to spy messages.

Spy Watch is every secret agent’s must have accessory.

Spy Night Vision will help you on night missions. Press and it lights up.

Spy Periscope lets you peer straight ahead or turn the dial and you can look around corners.

Spy Wristband Laucher. Just insert your missiles and launch.

Spy Glasses are just what every spy needs.

Scan the code that comes with your toy and unlock an online SpyGear game.

You can also download some fun Spy Gear Activity and Coloring Pages.


Spy Gear Activity And Coloring Pages

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Flutterbye Happy Meal Toys


The new Flutterbye McDonalds Happy Meal Toys are available now. There are six toys to choose from.

Flutterbye Push-Along Happy Meal Toy – Just roll along a table and she turns in circles as she goes.
Flutterbye Snowflake Spinner – Place the Flutterbye on the disk and squeeze to launch and she’ll spin around.
Flutterbye Balancer – Place her in the balancer and put it on the snowflake stand, then tap to twirl her around.
Flutterbye Wand – Spin your Flutterbye round and round the wand.
Flutterbye with Floating Wings – Put on your Flutterbye’s wings and place in base then press to spin.
Flutterbye Twirler – Place her in ring and press the button to twirl.
Scan your Happy Meal Toy code for more online fun.

You can also download some fun Flutterbye Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages


Flutterbye Activity And Coloring Set


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Penguins of Madagascar Happy Meal Toys


The Dreamworks Penguins of Madagascar Happy Meal Toys are now available at McDonalds.

This demo shows you the toys and what they do.

There are six toys to choose from.

Penguin Binoculars is a pair of spy binoculars made from two penguins.

Skipper Rolls is a wind-up toy that you can make roll. You can put it in the blue wheel and it glides along too.

Kowalski Launcher is a toy that you can load and launch with the press of a button.

You can look through the Penquin periscope to see what’s going on above.

You can hide secret messages in the Rico Fish Flyer.

And Private Penguin is a water squirter.

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Book of Life Halloween Pails


McDonald’s Happy Meal Book of Life Halloween Pails are available now from McDonald’s.  Get you very own Book of Life Halloween pail with your Happy Meal.  It comes with sticker to decorate any way you want and features the characters from the new Book of Life movie.  They are just in time for Halloween and trick-or-treat so pick up a happy meal and a pail for your candy too.

Book of Life Toys


Download Activities Printables

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2014 Hexbug Happy Meal Toys


The 2014 Hexbug Happy Meal toys are now a McDonald.  There are eight different Hexbug toys inside your Happy Meal.

You can play some Hexbug word games and coloring activities with these fun print outs.


Hexbug Coloring Sheet


HexBugs Activity Sheet

You can enjoy a Happy Meal and collect your favorite Hexbugs.

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Winx Happy Meal Toys

Winx Happy Meal Toys are available now at McDonalds in your happy meal. These lovely fairies are from the popular Nickelodeon show Winx Club. Now you can collect your favorite Winx Club characters. There are six new Winx happy meal toys in all. The other toy option is Spy Gear Happy Meal Toys.

Winx Toys

Bloom – Fairy of the Dragon Flame
Stella – Fairy of the Shining Sun
Flora – Fairy of Nature
Tecna – Fairy of Technology
Musa – Fairy of Music
Aisha – Fairy of the Waves

Winx Happy Meal Toys

Winx Activity and Sticker Book

Meet those fabulous fairy friends from the magical adventures of Nickelodeon’s Winx Club. This activity and sticker book has lots of full color pictures that kids can share. There are posters, stickers, and lots of fun fairy secrets for them to discover.

Fantastic Fairy Fan Book (Winx Club) (Full-Color Activity Book with Stickers)

Winx Fairies

Winx Club Enchantix Season 1
Episode 1 – The Princess Ball

Winx Club Season 1 introduces the fairy friends of the Winx Club. This fantasy adventure features Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha who use their magical powers to fight evil.

In episode 1 The Princess Ball, the evil sorcerer Valtor is plotting for revenge and to take over the Magic Dimension. He strikes at the planet of Andros, the home of Aisha and she goes to save the mermaids. In the meantime, Solaria is preparing for the Princess ball for Stella.

The Princess’ Ball

Winx Club

Winx Clothing

You can wear your favorite characters on a lovely t-shirt that features a mystical magic fairy friend. This girls t-shirt has Bloom and Stella, best friend fairies from the Magical Dimension with their beautiful wings. It makes a great gift for a young Winx Club fan.

Winx Club Rock Your Wings Girls T Shirt, Pink (4/5)

More Happy Meal Toys on Pinterest

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Sleepover Ideas

Sleepover Party Autograph Pillowcase

Sleepovers are a lot fun for kids. They love to invite their friends over for the night and stay up late and bond. You may want some sleepover ideas to make your children’s sleepovers fun and exciting. There are lots of games and activities kids can play and do at a sleepover or slumber party.

You can give them plenty to do so that they eventually get worn out and go to sleep, you hope. Either way sleepovers can be a memorable part of childhood. It’s a great way for kids to learn how to be a good host and bond with their friends. It’s also fun for their guests to experience the excitement of being away from home and enjoy themselves.

Sleepover Party Ideas

Sleepover Party

Girls love sleepover parties and you can help make sure they all have a great time with lots of fun slumber party games. This Sleepover Party for Wii game has over 60 games for girls to play at a sleepover party. There are lots of games for up to 15 kids to play along like fortune teller, balloon burst and copy the host. Your child’s sleep over party will be the social event of the year.

Sleepover Party

Sleepover Party Wii Game

Great Wii Games for a Sleepover Party

Sleepover Spa Night

Having a spa night and doing princess makeovers is a fun sleepover party idea. It’s fun for friends to do their hair and nails and play dress up. Girls can pretend to be at a spa and get a facial, manicure and pedicure. Lots of girly fun!

Fashion Angels 250+ Piece Sleepover Spa Party Set

Sleepover Spa Ideas

Sleepover Games

Sleepover games will give kids something to do at a sleepover. Joke books and activities are lots of fun for kids and making up silly stories will have everyone giggling.

Sleepover Party Mad Libs

Sleepover Party Games

Sleepover Craft Ideas

If your little girl and her friends are into fashion, this Project Runway Fashion Coloring Set is a fun sleepover craft idea for girls to color in their own fashion designs. This set has 8 color markers and a writing desk. Girls can sketch and color with their friends.

Fashion Angels Project Runway Fashion Dry Erase Lap Desk

Sleepover Crafts

Sleepover Food

If you are having a sleepover you have to have some festive sleepover fun. Pizza and ice cream sundaes are some good choices. Kids can have even more fun if they get to make their own party food at a sleepover. This book has some fun ideas and recipes for sleepover food.

Midnight Feast Magic: Sleepover Fun and Food

Sleepover Party Food

More fun ideas for kids on Pinterest

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Moshi Monsters Membership

Moshi Monsters Membership cards are a great gift idea for your little Moshi Monster fans. This Ultimate Moshi Monster Gift Pack comes with

1 Three Month Membership Card
1 Moshi Bandz Pack
1 I.G.G.Y Soft Toy
3 Moshi Monsters Postcards
3 Three-day Friendship cards
1 Collectable Trading Cards pack

Moshi Monsters Gift Pack

There are lots of other fun Moshi Monster toys, games, trading cards and books that kids will love to get for Christmas or birthdays.

Moshi Monster Membership

Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS Game

Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS Game

Your Moshi Monster fan can now play Moshi Monster on their DS. Play cool mini-games, find rare Moshlings and explore Monstro City. Unlock Moshi Rewards online at MoshiMonsters.com

Moshi Monster Toys

Moshi Monsters Moshlings Toys Mini Figure 5Pack

You can collect these Moshi Monster Mini Figures and play the online game too.

Moshi Monsters Monster House Mega Bloks play set features the silly Moshi Monsters characters in their own house. Build the Mega Bloks set and play with your Moshi Monster toy in real life. Each play set comes with a secret code for a special item for your Moshi Monster to play with online too.

Moshi Monsters Monster House

This play set includes Poppet monster and a cute little monster house to build.

Buildable Monster House with special indoor and outdoor accessories that let you customize your house however you want
Poppet buildable figurine
Online code to unlock an in-game item included
Fun on its own or with other Moshi Monsters buildable playsets by Mega Bloks

Moshi Monsters Mega Bloks

Moshi Monsters Collectors Guide

Moshi Monsters books make great gifts for your Moshi Monsters fan. Get kids to read more with these fun stories and guides about Moshi Monsters.

It you are a Moshling Hunter and like to collect moshlings then you need to know all the tricks to attracting and keeping your moshlings happy.

There are lots of fun Moshlings to find. There are beasties, birdies, puppies, kitties and spookies. You may want to look for fishies, fluffies, dinos and ninjas. You’ll need to know where to look and what they like.

You may even find an ultra rare moshling if you are lucky. You can do your best a become an expert Moshlingolgists and discover all the descendants and varieties of Moshlings. Have fun!

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Collector’s Guide [Paperback]

Moshi Monster Plush Toys

Moshi Monsters Twistmas

Moshi Monsters Books

Toys and Games on Pinterest

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Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers are popular action heros and kids just love them. The newest Power Rangers series is the Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon.

There are lots of action figures, role play sets, books, games and dvds that you can get for the Power Rangers fans in your life.

Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figure

Power Rangers Megazord

Power Rangers Super Samurai Gigazord

Power Rangers Super Samurai – Samurai Gigazord is the ultimate Power Rangers Zord toy. Combine with other Megazord toys for even more Power Rangers Zord fun.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord Samurai Gigazord

Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Super Samurai Bull MegaZord

Power Rangers Super Samurai Bull MegaZord is another awesome Power Rangers Super Samurai toy. Kids love these sturdy action figures. The can play with them in Megamode or combine zords for ultimate Megazord action.

Power Rangers Samurai Deluxe DX Action Figure Bull Megazord

Power Rangers Samurai Claw Zord Toy

Power Rangers Samurai Claw Zord can turn your Mega Zord into the ultimate Mega Claw Zord. It is great to play with by itself or combine with the Power Rangers Mega Zord for even more mega action.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord Claw Zord

There are lots of combinations and ways to play with the claw zord and other Power Rangers action figures.

Power Rangers Samurai Claw Zord

Power Rangers Claw Zord Review

Power Rangers Samurai Mega Zord Toys

Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Fire Action Figure

Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Fire Action Figure

Jayden is the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai. He has the fire element and is the leader of the group. He can use his samuraizer to go go Samurai. With his Fire Smasher he can fight the evil nighloks and for really big bad guys he can morph with the other Power Rangers to form the Megazord.

Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Action Figure Toy

Power Rangers Samurai fans will love this Nintendo DS game so they can play and protect the world from evil.

Help the Power Rangers battle Nighloks and look for Zords. Then unite and form the giant samurai Megazord and defeat your enemies.

Power Rangers Samurai DS Game

Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Mega Ranger Action Figures

Power Rangers Samurai Book

Power Rangers books are great for Power Rangers fans. They can learn all about their favorite Power Ranger and enjoy reading too. There are lots of great stories and adventures that these friends go on to fight evil and protect humanity. You can act out your favorite story with your own action figures too.

Power Rangers Samurai: Meet the Rangers [Paperback]

Power Rangers Happy Meal Toys

Power Ranger Samurai Samuraizer Morpher

Power Ranger Samurai Samurai Ranger Training Gear

MegaZord and ClawZord

Combine to make the Ultimate Battle Zord!

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Dora the Explorer Power Wheels Lil Quad

Dora the Explorer Power Wheels Lil Quad

Power Wheels Dora The Explorer Lil’ Quad

Dora the Explorer is a favorite character for little girls. This Power Wheels Dora the Explorer Lil’ Quad is the perfect vehicle for little Dora fans to go exploring.

Runs on a 6 volt battery and goes up to 2 miles per hour on hard surfaces. Just exciting enough for toddlers yet safe.

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