McDonalds 2015 Sweethearts Plush Hearts Happy Meal Toys

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McDonalds has a bunch of new Sweethearts plush toys available in your happy meal just in time for Valentine’s Day.  There are 12 different ones to choose from with different sayings like #Love, XOXO, Hug Me, Be Mine and more.  Each comes in three different color choices and you can play a fun online game when you scan your happy meal toy code.

McDonalds Sweethearts Plush Happy Meal Toys

There are some fun Sweethearts Plush Activities and Coloring Pages you can download too.



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  1. Amanda Alston says:

    My daughter lost hers and was heart broken I went to one on fry road in Texas and they didn’t tell us they were sold out until the happy meals were brought to us. Can I buy one?!?

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