Lego Friends Mia’s Puppy House 3934

The Lego Friends are a collection of fun lego sets for girls that feature girlfriends who live, work and play in Heartlake City. You can build, collect and combine sets to create a fabulous Lego play world.

LEGO Friends Mia’s Puppy House 3934 is an adorable lego play set for girls. This lego set features one of the Lego Friends Mia and her puppy. You can build the set and pretend Mia is giving her puppy a bath in the back yard. There is a dog house and tree to complete the back yard fun. This is a fun and imaginative lego set for girls who like puppies and caring for pets.

Get the LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet 3188 set and take Mia’s puppy to the vet for a check up.

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