Team Hot Wheels McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2012

Team Hot Wheel 2012 Happy Meal Toys

Team Hot Wheels Happy Meal Toys are now available.  There are eight different car toys you can get in your McDonalds Happy Meal.

Scorcher – Blue Driver – White car with blue windows and blue trimmed wheels
Impavido 1 – Green Driver – Blue car with green windows and green trimmed wheels
Monster Truck – Yellow Driver Blue Monster Truck Yellow windows
Da’Kar – Yellow Driver Black car with yellow windows
Open Wheel Racer – Blue Driver – Yellow race car with blue trimmed wheels
Dragster – Blue Driver – Red Dragster with blue trimmed wheels
Asphalt Assault – Green Driver – Red car wtih green trimmed wheels
Sand Stinger – Red Driver – Red Dune Buggy Moped with red trimmed wheels

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