Puss in Boots Happy Meal Toys

Puss in Boots Happy Meal Toys

Puss in Boots Happy Meal Toys are coming out just in time for the Friday, October 28, 2011 release of the Dreamworks animated feature film Puss in Boots.  The Puss in Boots figurines in the happy meals will be the characters from the movie with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.

Puss in Boots was introduced in the Shrek 2 movie as the Zorro like swashbuckler tabby cat.  He looks sweet and innocent but this cat is a sword fighting dynamo.  His speciality was hunting down Ogres until he befriended Shrek and Fiona.

Now Puss has his own movie that tells the tale of the exciting adventures he had before the Shrek movies.  McDonalds has teamed up with Dreamworks to bring kids the Puss in Boots characters in a Happy Meal.

Have fun this November with and a movie for you and the kids.  You can watch the Puss in Boots movie and get a happy meal with a Puss in Boots toy too.

Here are some Puss in Boots Happy Meal toys from past and present.  You can get your favorite one here.

2011 Puss In Boots Happy Meal Toys Complete Set

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