2012 Victorious McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

Nickelodeon’s Victorious has a line of McDonalds Happy Meal toys that are available now for 2012 .

Victorious Happy Meal Toys Complete Set

Victorious 2012 Happy Meal Toys Complete Set

There are eight different Victorious toys to choose from.  Each happy meal toy features Tori Vega or the other members of the Victorious show cast or a fun fashion or musical item from Hollywood Arts High School.

1. Victorious Rockin Music Player

2. Victorious Microphone Styling Brush

3. Victorious Sweet Sounds Necklace

4. Victorious Friendship Fashion Rings

5. Victorious Fashion Hair Barrette

6. Victoroius Totally Tori Tote

7. Victorious Make it Shine Compact

8. Victorious Friendship Fashion Bracelets

You can collect all eight Victorious Happy Meal Toys.  Check out these fun Victorious Coloring Pages.

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