Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers are popular action heros and kids just love them. The newest Power Rangers series is the Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon.

There are lots of action figures, role play sets, books, games and dvds that you can get for the Power Rangers fans in your life.

Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figure

Power Rangers Megazord

Power Rangers Super Samurai Gigazord

Power Rangers Super Samurai – Samurai Gigazord is the ultimate Power Rangers Zord toy. Combine with other Megazord toys for even more Power Rangers Zord fun.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord Samurai Gigazord

Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Super Samurai Bull MegaZord

Power Rangers Super Samurai Bull MegaZord is another awesome Power Rangers Super Samurai toy. Kids love these sturdy action figures. The can play with them in Megamode or combine zords for ultimate Megazord action.

Power Rangers Samurai Deluxe DX Action Figure Bull Megazord

Power Rangers Samurai Claw Zord Toy

Power Rangers Samurai Claw Zord can turn your Mega Zord into the ultimate Mega Claw Zord. It is great to play with by itself or combine with the Power Rangers Mega Zord for even more mega action.

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord Claw Zord

There are lots of combinations and ways to play with the claw zord and other Power Rangers action figures.

Power Rangers Samurai Claw Zord

Power Rangers Claw Zord Review

Power Rangers Samurai Mega Zord Toys

Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Fire Action Figure

Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Fire Action Figure

Jayden is the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai. He has the fire element and is the leader of the group. He can use his samuraizer to go go Samurai. With his Fire Smasher he can fight the evil nighloks and for really big bad guys he can morph with the other Power Rangers to form the Megazord.

Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Action Figure Toy

Power Rangers Samurai fans will love this Nintendo DS game so they can play and protect the world from evil.

Help the Power Rangers battle Nighloks and look for Zords. Then unite and form the giant samurai Megazord and defeat your enemies.

Power Rangers Samurai DS Game

Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Mega Ranger Action Figures

Power Rangers Samurai Book

Power Rangers books are great for Power Rangers fans. They can learn all about their favorite Power Ranger and enjoy reading too. There are lots of great stories and adventures that these friends go on to fight evil and protect humanity. You can act out your favorite story with your own action figures too.

Power Rangers Samurai: Meet the Rangers [Paperback]

Power Rangers Happy Meal Toys

Power Ranger Samurai Samuraizer Morpher

Power Ranger Samurai Samurai Ranger Training Gear

MegaZord and ClawZord

Combine to make the Ultimate Battle Zord!

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