Zoobles 2012 Happy Meal Toys Spring to Life

Zoobles Spring To Life 2012 Happy Meal Toys

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys now have the Zoobles Spring to Life collection. There are six different Zoobles in two different exciting colors.  Click on any of the Zoobles toys below to get yours now!


1 – Cadet

Blue, Fuchsia and Green – Pink, Blue and Purple


2 – Clappers

Pink and Green – Blue and Purple


3 – Lulu

Yellow and Blue with Pink – Lavender and Purple with Blue


4 – Wylee

Fuchsia, Orange and Blue – Blue, Lavender and Purple


5 – Archer

Green Blue and Pink – Fuchsia Blue and Lavender


6 – Juniper

Red and Blue – Purple and Teal

Each comes with an mCode to unlock virtual Zoobles mStuff.

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